Force of nature: Seasonal Workshop series

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As we face mounting challenges in a society built on interlocking systems of oppression, both our individual and collective bodies are overcome with stress, dis-ease and instability. These conditions are not made of stone, though sometimes feel immoveable, unchangeable. 

But we are always at the center of movement, and movement is change. 

In this series of seasonal workshops, we realign with our natural ability to work in collaboration with the living, breathing cycles of Nature. In this dedicated time and space throughout the dying season and into the spring season, we will recalibrate our body-mind to keep our most powerful selves intact for the ongoing task of unravelling the systems that are no longer serving us.

Taking cues and lessons from seasonal cycles and current astrological events, we’ll freshen our sensory input and engage through different body systems to reveal how these elements resonate and express within the fabric of our bodies.  We’ll archive our findings. 

Open to all levels of movement experience, each workshop is laboratory style and includes teachings of current influences, time for personal warm-up, guided movement practice and time for open personal exploration and archival. Each workshop addresses the current seasonal influences, so no two workshops are the same. 

The Art of Falling Apart & coming back together

Contact me to book this workshop in your studio or Wellness Center.

One of the most essential of human experiences is that of Falling Apart—from personal life to that of world communities, from emotions to structures, sometimes, it falls apart, it doesn’t work, it implodes, or we can’t seem to hold it together.  

But falling apart inevitably leads to coming back together, doesn’t it? This is actually how the body is organized. There are sequences of movements, that when strung together show the natural rhythm of just that: Falling Apart and Coming Back Together.  

We are meant to be Falling Apart/Coming Back Together. Perhaps our current life structure can’t hold us anymore, because we’ve grown too much, or taken on too much. Perhaps we’re moving in the wrong direction and the body yanks us back, makes us take a pause. Perhaps there is more to come, and we need to be ready for it. 

In this workshop, we will explore our movement patterns, inner dialogue and group conversation, allowing for the process of Falling Apart/Coming Back Together to be a more embodied and accepted part of the whole self.  

Stories in the bones

Contact me to book this workshop in your studio or Wellness Center.

Through all the systems of the body, from the skin to the bones, the body is constantly absorbing, analyzing, and storing new information from our personal lived experiences and creating patterns of response to stimuli. It also holds genetic information within each cell, as well as a type of memory that is, in essence, the lived experiences of our ancestors.   

It is a memory machine. 

This intensive workshop delves into the material of the body itself. In a small group of 6-10 people, we journey deep into cellular memory with a question in hand, and allow the body to speak through image, word, sensation and movement.  We work with these images daily to decipher their relevance to this moment in time, using various creative formats to archive and develop the story that is arriving. At the end of the intensive, we have the option of sharing our work in a performative event, or inner circle (close invitees only) for sharing our stories.

This workshop can be formatted for a 3-day weekend, week-long, or two-week residency. Please contact me directly for fees.