About One-on-One Embodied Support

Through my career as a performing artist, I’ve become a somatic explorer. Continually returning to the body in the safe space of the studio created significant shifts in my perspective, a refined sense of connection to others and the world, and a routine of trusting my own innate wisdom.  

I’ve also always felt that this work should be accessible to everyone, regardless of artist-identity-persuasion. 

The work I do one-on-one is intuitive and draws from this 20-year dedication to attending to an inner power which is at once universal and wildly independent. In our one-on-one session, we work thematically with what is present in your life and body signals, which changes day-to-day, hour to hour. We tune-in and step into playful exploration of the lessons that the body is constantly communicating through sensation and image. 

These are tools of an artist’s trade, that are available to you, always. To learn more about each individual foundational practice that I draw from, click here.


1-1 embodied Support

This work enables you to ground, experience, explore, express and integrate the current themes and influences in your life through the body.

  • Typically held in an arts or yoga studio, I’ll begin by asking questions about your body experience, stressors and current things that are on your mind, and we’ll chat about current world and seasonal influences. 

  • As we continue, I’ll offer directional feedback, somatic experiments or explorations with image or sensation. We’ll also have conversation along the way. Drawing material is always on hand for notating images, words or sensation, for archiving what might not yet be identifiable verbally. 

  • Each session is closed with a short meditation to allow the work to settle in the body, and may include some suggestions for actions or next steps.  Packages of 3 are available to continue this work over time, weekly or bi-weekly. 

1-1 Embodied Support Fees

  • One-One 1.5 hr session $90

  • 3 One-One session Package $255 (saving $15)

For those who are encountering financial hardship, please contact me to discuss options! I totally get it. I do offer sliding scale on a case-by-case basis.

Carving a Pathway

This is a one-on-one package available in 5 or 8 sessions where we meet 1x week, going deep into one area or theme that the body is calling on you to attend to, and working towards a form of archival that might be a personal ritual, or a visual, written or performative form for invited friends, if you choose. 

5-Session Carving a Pathway: $420 (saving $30)

8-Session Carving a Pathway: $664 (saving $56)

I also welcome small groups for this practice, please contact me for details and fees.

Payment plans available. For those who are encountering financial hardship, please contact me to discuss options. 

Additional 1-1 Services 


Reiki is a hands-on healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy” life force energy. Sessions are done on a massage table, where I place hands on or above the body, to support the body specifically with the flow of energy through and to the body from source.  

Always sliding scale $25 to $55 for 1-hour session

Reiki + Movement 

Reiki + Movement is conducted on a massage table and/or on the floor, where during Reiki session, I intuitively guide through movement sequences that seem to be called-upon for grounding the energy-work a little further. 

Always sliding scale $55 to $75 for 1-hour session