Force of Nature 2018-2019 workshop series

November 17th

2 - 5 pm

Late Autumn:  Rooting for Survival

The natural world is accustomed to the changes of the year, and so were our ancestors. In Late Autumn, the harvest has ended and the remainder of the garden has been given over to the squirrel, the mouse, the deer and the crow. Now, the plants are urging their energy down to their deepest roots to survive the coldest months.  

 In this workshop, we dig deep. With the new moon in Scorpio and the effects of Mercury in Retrograde influencing our work, we will dig deep into the body’s ability to sustain the hardest conditions.  We reach into the stories of our own roots by focusing on cellular awareness. We ask what parts of us need to be released, so that we can focus our energy and amplify small actions.  

December 15th

2 - 5 PM

Early Winter: From the Underworld to the Light

Nearing the Winter Solstice, the natural world continues towards stillness and darkness. This time of year is often related to the mythical journey of the Goddess Inanna, who travels into the depths of the underworld where she is stripped of all of her stature and possessions, judged and turned into a corpse. After being revived, she must choose two earthlings to replace her in theLate Autumn:  Rooting for Survival underworld before she can return to her station with new knowledge.

In this workshop, we engage with this story through guided embodied journey, reviewing the past year, and choosing two parts of our identity or patterns that we must relinquish in order to emerge with new life and new power in the coming year.  


January 12th

11 am - 2 pm

Mid-Winter: The Great Turning of the Bones

We have turned over to a new solar year, and very subtly, energy is beginning to rise as the days become longer, under the influence of the new moon in Capricorn. As Lena Stevens writes, this sign “rules the bones, the foundation of the body, where our stability comes from and where we store our most ancient patterns.  Capricorn’s mission as guardian of the community is to preserve stability, to build on what has gone before, to protect and to increase” the effect of one’s actions. 

In this workshop, we will anchor our new-year intentions in the social and political aspects of our lives through working with the bones, which are not only structural, but also living, breathing and life-generating.  

February 9th

2 - 5 pm

Late Winter: Thawing out and Rising Up

The end of winter is never abrupt. It happens under our noses, with tiny sprouts rising imperceivably under the layers of soil and cold, hard earth.  The natural world knows that the best conditions for growth is the liminal space between cold and the slightest shift towards warmth. 

In this workshop we explore slow motion and variations of acceleration.  We engage our sensory input through extreme slowness and seek the internal impulse towards movement. In this way, we work with the lively tension between the slowest and the most accelerated, charting the territory between ambition and sustenance, of which we need all variations in order to sustain our health and wellbeing for the long-haul of work that is needed for change.