How long is each Session? 


What should I wear, and and what should I bring? 

For Embodied Support sessions and Carving a Pathway, all sessions are 1.5 hours. 

For Reiki, Initial Sessions are 1.5 hours, follow-up visits are 1 hour.


Please were comfy clothes that you are able to move in, and appropriate layers, as many studios can be chilly in the colder months.  You can bring a water bottle and a journal if that is an important part of your own process, but everything else is provided in terms of archival materials. 

Is this Therapy?

Nope.  I am not a therapist, and during our sessions, your work is your work. I do my best to provide a safe and mindful atmosphere for you to explore your own mind and body. In working with me, I ask you to show up in agreement that you are able to take care of your emotional wellbeing and to communicate what you need during the process. 

That said, since my work is centered based in modalities of creativity and engaging with your body on a deep level, people have reported emotional openings and a sense of healing and transformation through this process.  

I have a disability and/or have trouble being on the floor, can you work with this? 

Absolutely! I am happy to use a massage table, a chair or other furniture, or pad the floor with blankets to make working on the floor possible. Please let me know how I can support you. 

For those who use a wheelchair or other mobility device, I am not equipped to physically support someone in or out of their device. However, working in your chair/device is also an option, as the depth of this work occurs in the deepest parts of the body and does not require a lot of movement to be effective or meaningful.