It all starts now. 


The body is the archive of our lived experience, literally holding memory, attachments, and patterns in all of its material, from skin to bones.  It is the archive of our ancestral memory, through stories stored in our DNA, and the cellular reproduction of response that have enabled our survival.  It is an archive of our shared environment and history, as it absorbs and analyzes every space we traverse.  It contains the innate ability to listen and tune into the rhythms of the earth and sky, a practice that we (as industrialized people) have forgotten.  

Some would assert that the body also contains the salt of the sea and the dust of stars.  

It has everything we need to work with the material of our lives, to forge deeper, more creative, more sustainable relationships with our planet, and the beings that we co-reside with.

Let’s anchor our ability to continually (patiently, gently, bravely) return to the body as both site and resource for the true connection, healing and change we wish to see in the world around us.  

EMBODIED ARCHIVE offers workshops and one-on-one movement guidance to: 

  • Ignite or re-invigorate a sense of personal deep awareness in the body.

  • Enable the agility of internal sensory ques and unlock the stories and knowlege that reside inside of them. 

  • Create a sense trust in the evolving conversation between body, mind, spirit and environment through play, exploration and inquisitiveness.

  • Anchor our ability to continually (patiently, gently, bravely, creatively) return to the body as both site and resource for personal engagement in life and art. 


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